5 reasons why a career in plumbing is a brilliant idea

So, you’re thinking about becoming a plumber? Nice! We’ll go through why it’s a great idea in a sec, but first, let’s look at what the job involves.

What do plumbers actually do?

There’s more to plumbing than your bog-standard blocked-toilet job! Jokes aside, plumbers are needed everywhere – from an inner-city superstructure to a quaint, grade II listed building.

There are a variety of jobs that plumbers are involved in at private homes and businesses, such as:

  • Installing water, drainage and heating
  • Determining and fixing faults
  • Servicing central heating systems
  • Installing and maintaining domestic appliances, like showers and washing machines
  • Fitting weather-proof materials to roofs, chimneys and walls
Becoming a plumber is a great career move
  1. 1) Everyone needs you

As long as there are buildings standing, there’ll be a need for plumbers. From installation to maintenance, you should always have a job waiting for you.

At the moment, there’s a shortage of qualified plumbers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Bet you never thought becoming a plumber could offer global career opportunities! So, if you fancy relocating or spending some time abroad, you could work overseas and bring back some specialised experience along with a tan!

  1. 2) Hands-on work

You won’t be trapped in an office all day; you’ll be on the move a lot, visiting different sites and tackling new challenges every day! The actual work you’ll be doing involves problem-solving, repairing a variety of systems and working with your hands – no two jobs are ever the same as a plumber.

Learning this trade involves some on-the-job training which will help you gain vital knowledge from expert plumbers. Not only will this boost your confidence, you’ll also acquire essential skills that future employers will be looking for.

  1. 3) No uni debt

It’s scary how much debt uni students can end up with – the average is over £50,000! With a plumbing qualification, there is usually a mixture of course elements, including both home study and practical training – allowing you to earn while you learn. Plus, courses can cost as little as £20 per week – helping you avoid massive debt.

  1. 4) Endless opportunities

Once you’ve completed the basic training required, you can train and advance your career as much as you want. The more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll have to unique jobs, and the more you can charge for your services.

You could also diversify your skillset and become qualified to work with gas systems – more specialised jobs you can take on!

  1. 5) Become your own boss

Ah, the freedom of doing your own thing! Once you’ve gained enough experience, you could go off and run your own business. This flexibility means you have full control over the types of jobs you take on, the number of hours you work and how much you can charge!

You are solely responsible for the success of your business – but what an exciting challenge that sounds!

What to do next if a plumbing career has intrigued you

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