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Why is coding so important?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding a career in web development. You might know a little about what the mystical language of code can do, or it could be completely new to you. Either way let’s get the basics down first...

What is code?

From desktops to phones to machinery, most tech would be pretty useless without code. Coding is pretty much a series of commands that tell a computer what to do. You speak one language and your computer speaks another; code is the translator. Learn how to code and you’ll be able to communicate with your machine, and that’s where the fun really begins!

What can code actually do?

Creating software to solve a problem, satisfy a need, or indulge a want, is a very rewarding and challenging process. This progression can leave programmers stumbling over new ideas or creating new problems – which can lead to some ingenious inventions.

Epic achievements are made daily because of software development. Take a look at how coding has paved the way for some out-of-this-world successes.


To infinity and beyond!

Code helped launch mankind into space! The dawn of space exploration was made possible because of coding. The development of in-flight software was integral to the success of the Apollo space program.


Right in the feels

Pacemakers keep a person’s heart beating regularly. The software behind these mini, lifesaving devices constantly collects data from inside the body. This information is transmitted to doctors and helps determine future treatments.


Software on wheels

Did you know that today’s cars are run by over 100 million lines of code? To put that into perspective, if we printed just one million lines of code into a book, it would be over 18,000 pages long!


Spreading smarts

From improving exam grading accuracy to distance learning, technology has advanced teaching methods for the next generation. Coding has created a worldwide platform to connect users and the knowledge they crave.

The future of everyday code

You’ll be surprised how much our lives are impacted by code. Even our grandparents interact with software daily! From turning on a washing machine to making a phone call, the commands are communicated through software.

If you think about how we travel, how our food is grown, and how we work – coding has rapidly made its way into and improved multiple industries.

Software development is an ever-changing entity - there’s a continuous demand and drive to improve accessibility and usability. A few years after the disastrous 2009 Air France 447 crash, it was determined that 30 lines of code could have saved the 228 people on board from plummeting into the Atlantic. Coding evolves as programmers race to continuously upgrade and reinvent software.

A career in coding

It’s not surprising from what code has already achieved that there are still some unimaginable creations that will come to light in the future. This has attracted the world’s attention and the desire to enter the industry has surged.

Besides being a part of some monumental achievements, there are a bucket-load of other benefits that are being reaped right now. Even if you don’t end up a full-blown coder, gaining some computer science knowledge will be handy in the future as technology continues to spread.

Possessing the ability to influence technology by merely typing sounds pretty awesome but to master it takes dedication and a goal-driven attitude. Becoming a coder opens many doors into any industry that tickles your fancy, what doors will coding open for you? Find out with a bachelor-level diploma in web development!